Best Mother Ever

Challenge try again

Today’s card was inspired by a challenge at It features a beautiful sketch by Tara and the “Delft Tile Technique,” which has an excellent tutorial here. I found the challenge late yesterday night and woke up today excited to try it out. The real challenge, however, turned out to be remaining a patient, loving, playful mom to my much loved children while I raced to meet miss the deadline. It was rather ironic that I had chosen the sentiment “Best Mother Ever” for my own mother who is a faithful reader of my still new blogging adventure. I am happy to say that, while I did not meet the deadline or qualify for the “best mother ever” as I tried, I did make rockets, giant elephant masks, jewelry, hats, and one heck of a dinosaur machine instead.

Oh, and to my mom who’s support means more than I can say: Challenge inside

(She’ll get this card when I see her Thursday- sorry, mom, it won’t be a surprise!)



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Happy stampin’  friends!


2 thoughts on “Best Mother Ever

  1. Honey, what can I say to such beautiful words???!!! Thank you to you~THE BEST MOTHER EVER!!! (And as usual the card is absolutely stunning!)

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