A Teacher Gift With My Digital Studio

Pencil close up 2

I love my daughter’s kindergarten teacher. She is simply amazing. When I wanted the perfect gift to show how much I appreciate her, I thought of these adorable pencils made from a pack of Rolos. They are all over Pinterest, and I have no idea who was clever enough to invent them- but I’m in LOVE! I paired my pencil with a classic composition notebook, created the perfect tag to match with My Digital Studio, tied it with real red ribbon, and was all set with a fun gift in almost no time!

Pencil close up 1

I wanted a little saying to go with the pencil- so I thought of this one. I had to make a text box for each line so that the words would be in the right place on the lined paper background. After spending 18 years as a teacher myself, I still love “teachery” things, and this made me so happy to create!

pencil 4

I absolutely love My Digital Studio. It is fabulous and you can try it free for 30 days!

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Happy stampin’ friends!


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