Grateful For You

Grateful Halloween Card

Hi, friends! Today I am feeling very blessed by all of you.

It is so fun to learn of each new follower and to read the kind comments you leave. Happy Halloween, and to my many friends who don’t celebrate Halloween, Happy Harvest!

Starting tomorrow, I will be giving away Stampin’ Up! goodies as a thank you to my faithful readers- so come back! You might be the lucky winner!

Happy stampin’ friends!


4 thoughts on “Grateful For You

  1. Hello Michelle, Happy Halloween to you too.

    I love the pumpkin card. It’s such a simple design, but really stands out as a beautiful card with an honest sentiment. I love it.

    I too feel blessed to have my followers an I never tire of reading their comments on my blog – so I know exactly how you feel.
    You deserve a medal for your blog, as it’s such a genuinly nice place to visit. I feel like you open the door and welcome me in when-ever I visit, and it’s a really lovely feeling.
    So for that, and for your wonderful blog, I’m thankful and I give my gratitude to you.
    Sending love and hauntingly halloween hugs ~ Cobs. x

    • Wow- thank you for your kindness! I’m so glad to know you enjoy visiting. I love to visit your blog, too. It is a wonderful place full of beautiful creations and elegant writing. Thanks, again, Cobs, and take care.

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