Clear Stamps: No More Falling Off the Block

Clear stamps are a wonderful crafting choice. First of all, they are more affordable than wooden stamps, and who doesn’t love more affordable? Secondly, you can see through the clear block, an incredible help with perfect placement of your stamped image. Thirdly, they come in thinner cases, which means room for more stamp sets on the shelf!

One frustration, however, is when the stamp falls of the clear block. Ugh! No one wants that. So today, I thought I would share a tip I learned from my upline, Barbara Pauls.

Your clear stamp set will arrive looking like this:


The stamps come with directions for adhering the clear stickers. Before you do, however, trim off the excess edge, as close to the printed image as possible.

Like this:

Stamps 2

Now you’re ready to adhere the sticker to the stamp, and this will help you stamps stick to the clear blocks so much better!

I’m giving away a brand new stamp set this week. Have you entered to win yet? If not click here, leave me a comment, and you’ll b entered to win.

Happy stampin’ friends!


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