Wondrous Wreath Boxed Notecards

Noel Notecards Set 5

Papercrafting projects pop into my head faster than I can create them. This little box and notecard set has been floating around in my noggin for quite awhile and I finally took the time to create it.

For the notecard, I was inspired by one of my favorite Stampin’ Up! bloggers, Michelle Last from the UK, when she created a card using the Wondrous Wreath stamp as a swag instead of a wreath. You can see her beautiful card here. Her out of the box creation got me thinking and I could picture using the wreath around the edges like this:

Noel Notecard Set 2

After I created the card, I realized it is much easier to just stamp the wreath around the edges instead of running it through the Big Shot and cutting the wreaths in half.

The box is 4 x 4 and created from a 12 x 12 piece of designer series paper. The lid is made from a window sheet.

Here is a close up:

Noel Notecard Set 3

Come back tomorrow for directions on how to make the box and lid which holds four notecards and envelopes.



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Happy stampin’ friends!


12 thoughts on “Wondrous Wreath Boxed Notecards

  1. Your corner is a ‘mess’? Nooooo. Your corner is very cleverly organised in such a way to confuse any non-crafting visitor and put them off touching your stuff. It’s a top secret security system, and the code is known only to fellow crafters and artists.


    Have a [top secret and secure], blessed rest of your day! love ~ Cobs. x

    • This gave me a good chuckle and a memory from my childhood. My mother had a beloved pair of sewing scissors that we children were not allowed to touch. We knew not to touch them, but I (cue the terrifying music) not only touched them, but used them to trim my fingernails! (Gasps heard ’round the world.) Needless to say, they were ruined and I was in deep, well deserved trouble. My father bought her a new pair for Christmas and she labeled them, “Do not touch, unless you are mommy.”

      Perhaps a security system would have been more effective.

      Thanks, Cobs, for the stroll down memory lane. Have a wonderful day!

      • Aw, I’m sat here smiling my head off, and giggling to myself as I picture you cutting your nails! Oh, bless your heart! (… and talking about being naughty .. yours remind me of my ‘Mangled Musings’ – or – how I learned that a dastardly destiny can lay in wait even for the most ‘innocent’. – which I know you read as you ‘liked’ it.

        Aw we get ourselves into such hot soup when we don’t believe our mothers.

        My daughter, was told (many years ago when she was a walking accident waiting to happen of 5 years old) NOT to squeeze *these* Christmas baubles that I was allowing her to hang on the tree because they were very old, very precious and … GLASS. I told her not once but three or four times, and then finally asked her if she thought that she could be grown up enough to be trusted to hang them carefully and NOT SQUEEZE THEM. She said yes.

        What did she do? Yup, you guessed it.

        I handed her a bauble (against my better judgement, but I know we have to trust our children at some point to actually surprise us and do the right thing – so I decided that I should do just that very thing…) , , , the next thing I heard was *PING* (I screwed up my eyes really tightly) … after the PING, there followed a noise which sounded like a fairy crashing into a brick wall at high speed. Tinkle, tinkle, tinkle. Then I heard my daughter say “Ut ohhh.”

        I turned and looked down, and just as the words “Oh darling I told you as wel…… Oh My Goodness!!!! You’ve cut your hand! Oh Lord. Into the bathroom. Quickly … let me wash your hand and look at it! Quick … spit spot. Let’s go!”

        Once bathed and checked she was as right as rain. However … I never let her put the glass baubles on the tree ever again. I went out and bought papier mache ones, especially for her to put on the tree in future. {sigh}

        We still talk about this today – many years later. And no … she’s still not allowed anywhere near the glass baubles, because she’s still the same accident prone monkey that she was when she was little!

        Aw, it’s obviously the season which is reminding us of years gone by.

        Thank you for the beautiful, warm memories of your own Michelle. You’ve made me feel all lovely inside. Fabulous feeling.
        Sending love ~ Cobs. x

      • So happy to hear that Cobs, and what a kind mother you are to let her have a try at hanging the bauble!

        As they say, ‘Mother knows best’ but children have to test that a time or two to see if it’s true!

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