My Digital Studio To The Rescue

Lunch Surprise

I have a mom confession to make: I dread making lunches. I have been mothering for over 18 years and making exciting lunches that my kids want to eat has always felt like a daunting task. I see Pinterest photos of little bento boxes filled with pandas who have little pillows and blankies made out of delicious food and I don’t feel inspired. Quite frankly, I feel exhausted.

Recently, while reading a story book about a mother who filled her little one’s lunch box with tiny notes, my kindergartener asked the inevitable question:

“Mommy, why don’t you do that?”

Instead of listing a million reasons why, I asked “Would you like it if I did that?”

“Oh, yes, mommy. I really would.”

Well I can do that, I thought. Because, while making Pinterest worthy lunches may not be my thing, creating things out of paper is.

Once again, My Digital Studio came to the rescue. I had some leftover tags printed up from the Hooray For Tags collection. I cut out this one with the adorable little sweet potato, wrote a quick note on the back, and stuck it in her lunch box.

It really was just a small thing, so quick and easy, but she loved it, saving it with her other treasures. Bento pandas may be out of my league, but adorable sweet potatoes are just a few clicks away, thinks to My Digital Studio. This mama really loves that.

Would you like to try My Digital Studio Free for 30 days? Click on the image below for easy, online ordering.

Happy stampin’ friends!





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