Crafting with Kids- Thanksgiving Turkeys

Stampin' Up Turkey 2

My kindergartener and I had so much fun today going through the many cute Thanksgiving turkeys on Pinterest. We wrote down a list of ideas and combined several, including some of our own, into this cute little guy. He was so fun to make together. Here is a close up:

stampin up turkey 2

His beak is a star punch with two points cut off and his waddle is the modern label punch. My kindergartener thought of his wings: an oval punch with fringe scissors around the edges. His cute feet and tail features are the gift bow die. His legs are actually two strips of paper done in an accordion fold- a fun and easy project for little fingers. His tag was done on My Digital Studio and then punched out with the decorative label punch.

When crafting with kids, remember to embrace the imperfections. That’s what makes the finished product endearing and cute as can be. This little guy won’t stand up to save his life. We had to find a place for him to lean against. He looks pretty cute leaning there, don’t you think?

Happy stampin’ friends!




5 thoughts on “Crafting with Kids- Thanksgiving Turkeys

  1. That is the cutest Thanksgiving turkey I ever did see! I love the fringed wings and the legs crack me up. I remember doing that technigue in kindergarten as ancient as I am. I will have to work up something with that into a Santa or reindeer craft to do with my grandson.

    • Thanks, Sandra, I’m so glad you like him. You know what’s funny? The idea for the legs came from my own kindergarten days when I made a giant heart with accordion arms and legs for Valentine’s day. I loved that thing and carried the memory with me all these years.

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