Creating New Stamps With Everyday Objects

Burlap Stamp

Hello, friends, how are you today?

Recently, I saw a fun idea on Pinterest. They wrapped string around a wooden block and used it as a stamp. This got the wheels turning- what could I wrap around a clear block and use as a stamp? I decided to try burlap ribbon and was so pleasantly surprised when it worked!

Can you see the amazing detail, even the stitched edge of the ribbon? I just love it. I secured the edges to the back of the block with tape and it held nicely while I used it to stamp a set of notecards. Now I’m all set for valentine’s Day!

So tell me, what could you use to create your own stamp? I’d love to hear your ideas!

Happy stampin’ friends!


12 thoughts on “Creating New Stamps With Everyday Objects

  1. Cool idea, Michelle! In the past, I tried using several elastic so of different sizes to create a cool background. It turned out really neat!

  2. Great idea, Michelle. The burlap ribbon looks so cool. I have used the twine and string idea before as well as different widths of rubber bands. I wonder what the sequin trim would look like? Mmm….

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