Taking the Fuss Out Of Memory Keeping: Project Life

Project Life 2

I have a confession to make. Memory keeping is very important to me, but since we adopted our two year old last May, I am waaaay behind. Way, way behind. As in, most of our photos aren’t even printed and I have to find them on my phone if I want to show them to people or look at them myself. Sad, right?

But that’s where Project Life comes to my rescue.

I mean, we’re talking a true super hero here, friends.

Today was a prefect example. Last May, my son Thomas went to prom with my best friend’s daughter. (Just as friends, he reminded me.) I found the envelope of pictures in the cupboard, got out my Project Life album and had this page done in a matter of minutes this morning. While I took care of the kids, sorted the laundry and let the plumber in.

No joke.

That’s just a half an hour out of my day today.

And now, the memories are preserved the way they should be.

Project Life

Events this important should not be still hiding in the envelope, so I am very thankful for Project Life and how easy it is to create beautiful pages so quickly.

If you’ve never tried Project Life, you really should. And right now, during Sale-A-Bration, the Memories In The Making Project Life Specialty Card Collection, which I used here, is free with a $50 order.

So, for example, you could order the items below and receive the Specialty Card Collection (shown at the bottom) free!

I can’t think of a better way to preserve your precious memories!

Happy stampin’ friends!





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