October Stamp of the Month Club


Hi Friends! How are you today?

Have you heard about the Stamp of the Month Club here at Stampin’ 365? Each month, club members receive a fabulous Stampin’ Up! stamp set and all the paper supplies to create four cards with envelopes for just $34.95. Everything is pre-cut, neatly packaged and comes with typed directions and a color photocopy of the cards. Club members just add ink and adhesive. (I even include a handmade gift tag, created to match, just for you from thankful me!)

The October Stamp of the Month Club features the beautiful new Basket of Wishes stamps set shown on page 49 of the new Stampin’ Up! holiday catalog. I fell in love with the layouts of the cards shown in the catalog on the same page, so I created my cards based off of them:




October’s ink colors are show above, with crumb cake being the only stamp color and the others being used to color the images with blender pens and ink squished into the lids of the ink pads. I fell in love with the beautiful drawings in this set the moment I saw it and they look beautiful colored or you can leave them plain, if you prefer.


Would you like more information about the Stamp of the Month Club? Click here.

In the club and already have the set? No problem! Simply email me with the substitution of your choice. (Up to $26)

Ready to join in on the fun and start building your stamp collection and handmade card stash? We would love to have you in the club! Email me at stampin365@gmail.com by the 20th of September to join!

Happy stampin’ friends!






I’m a little behind schedule with posting the Stamp of the Month Club and I hope you will accept my sincere apology! My oldest son is not back to health yet and I am struggling to be creative because his illness has been life threatening. Last Friday he had to go back in the hospital, but is home again. He has a new doctor and hopefully we are on the track to getting him well again. On a happy note, my daughter’s heart surgery is healing well and her doctor says it was a complete success! Our littlest one’s surgery was also a complete success and he is back to normal. Many of you have sent your support and prayers for our family and I can not thank you enough!


Click on the image below to see the stamp set for October:

13 thoughts on “October Stamp of the Month Club

  1. Hi – Yes, I would like to join the October Stamp of the Month Club with you. I understand it is $34.95 for the stamp set, instructions for cards, and paper supplies to make four cards.

    Janet Prayer: Thank you, Lord, for those who walk beside us, those who help to keep us on your path. We thank you for always walking beside us, leading us forward from morning light until the end of day. Amen

  2. I have missed you on your blog but totally understand! You have been very busy with the trials of your family. I am glad to hear that the surgeries have gone well for your 2 children & are on the mend. Now, I pray that with the new doctor things will start looking up for your son. Will keep you & your family in our prayers. Stay strong!

  3. Hello Michelle.
    Just a little note checking in with you and asking how everyone is.

    You haven’t blogged for a little while, which isn’t unusual in blogland because we all get side-tracked, but I was kind of worrying that things might need more prayers and requests that I knew, so thought I’d just pop by to say hello, and give you my very best wishes.
    I hope everyone is fine and groovy and that you are tickety boo too.
    Sending my love ~ Cobs. x

    • Oh, Cobs, what a beautiful world, to hear from a friend on the other side of the pond wondering how things are going. Sadly, they are not going so well. Our beautiful boy has now been delirious for nine weeks today. The new doctor believes there is a problem with the catheter on his baclofen pump and we are waiting for yet another study to see what can be done. He continues to have fevers, sweating, high blood pressure, rapid heart rate, tremors, delirium and insomnia. He was re-hospitlized because they thought he had a heart attack and he stopped eating and drinking, but he can eat and drink now so we are caring for him at home. Occasionally he comes out of the fog long enough to say a few coherent things, and for a moment our incredible boy is back, but then we lose him to the delirium again. A blanket of sadness hangs over me, but it is mixed with an undying hope that he will recover. Everyone should be lucky enough to love someone with cerebral palsy. It changes everything.

      • Dearest Michelle, how heavy my heart is to read of the bad times that your baby (although not a baby – he’s still your baby) is going through.

        I can only imagine how much fear, anguish, pain and heart-ache you are going through right now.

        You must not lose hope Michelle. ‘Changes’ happen every single day and at some point, this wonderful child is going to come out of that fog and stay out of it for good.

        But, I agree … everyone should have chance to experience how fabulous children with cerebral palsy actually are; how loving, caring and, at young ages, how they don’t notice their differences. They are just another child like any other child. And you and I know that in actual fact, they really are. They are the same as any other child . Our hearts open up to a most incredible child when one loves a child with C.P.

        Aren’t we lucky to have been chosen Michelle?

        I will continue to pray …but more often and with more urgency. This child needs a little more from everyone …. anyone reading this on your blog .. I beg them to pray for your son.

        Those who aren’t believers – in that case .. please push healing thoughts out into the universe, asking the universe to give healing to this child. He very much needs your help.

        Sending love to you Michelle. God Bless. ~ Cobs. x

  4. Hi Michelle. Prayers that everyone in your family are healing in every aspect.

    Not to be insensitive, I know you’ve been going through alot, but do you have an update on when we’ll receive this club kit? I’m excited and anxious to work with this set!

    Thank you!

    Best wishes

    • Hello, Heather, and thank you for asking. It is not insensitive at all and I am happy you are excited about this months’ stamp set! Club members can expect this months’ box to arrive on Tuesday, October 11th. I just sent out the emails with tracking numbers so you can track your package. Thank you for the well wishes and happy stampin’!

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