July Stamp of the Month Club Sneak Peak

Hi friends, how are you? Summer has started for my kids and I have been focusing on them, but this mama is ready to get her craft on!

Each month, for our Stamp of the Month Club, I design four original cards with one stamp set. For the July Stamp of the Month Club, I picked the brand new Lots of Love stamp set and I will post the cards just as soon as I create them. The ideas are bouncing around in my brain, so stay tuned!

Are you in the Stamp of the Month Club? Do you enjoy it? If so, leave us a comment and tell us what your favorite part is- we would love to hear from you!

Happy stampin’ friends!




For those of you who have been sending kind words, prayers and thoughts about my oldest son, who became deathly ill on August first, he has had a really great week. The doctor is still stumped as to what is exactly wrong with him, but he said the episodes he goes through are called “storms” perhaps autonomic storms. The episodes can become an emergency very quickly and it is a frightening way to live, but this week has been good. (And when it is bad, I get to practice my new motto- “Hallelujah, regardless.”)

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