A Party For Our Little Ninja

Ninja Party

Hi friends! How are you today?

This past weekend was my daughter’s birthday and she chose to have a ninja theme. Boy, oh boy, did this mama have fun searching the internet for all things ninja! I found the cute little printable ninja invitations on Etsy.

Then, I found this absolutely brilliant idea for a “Shadow Ninja Training Academy” on this fun blog and I owe Jenn a huge thank you for such a fantastic idea.

Ninja Party 2

I adapted the idea a bit because the party was indoors due to extreme rain and hail. The kids arrived to this poster on the door. My hubby had the great idea to burn the edges of the scrolls so they would look old. Love it!

Ninja Party 6

Our little ninja greeted her guests.

Ninja Party 3

I found this fun ninja ballon on Amazon.

Ninja Party 15

There were six stations where the kids took turns honing their “ninja skills.” They included speed, agility, endurance, strength, stealth, and balance. To keep thing running smoothly, I used a stop watch and rang a bell when it was time to change stations.

Ninja Party 5

I have to tell you, I taught for 18 years and I’ve been raising kids for almost 20, and this was by far the best idea for a party ever.

Ninja Party 4

Not only did the stations entertain the kids,

Ninja Party 10

but it also got out all of their energy

Ninja Party 16

and was incredibly quiet, because remember, ninjas are very, very quiet!

Ninja Party 7

After the ninja training was over, we moved into the kitchen for some ninja themed goodies.

Ninja Party 11

I found this fun idea for ninja faces made from Oreos on Pinterest.

Ninja Party 8

The ninja cupcake tower

Ninja Party 9

and goodie bags were from Amazon.

Ninja Party 17

The cupcakes were a big hit,

Ninja Party 12

but a lot of Oreos had to die to get 24 ninjas. My family was more than happy to help clean up the big pile of broken Oreos.

Ninja Party 14

This was a fun, affordable party and I can’t wait to plan the next one. What on earth did I do before Pinterest?

Ninja Party 13

Thanks for stopping by today and be sure to leave me a comment to let me know what you think of the ninja party- what’s your favorite part?

After that, be sure to go check out the blog links for the amazing bloggers that gave me some of these ideas.

Happy stampin’ friends!